What is MendiDenok?

Randonnée à joëlette , dans le Beaujolais , rhône, france

It is a solidarity initiative that forms part of the so-called Denok Agenda. The ultimate aim is social inclusion; to include people in a group to bring back the good atmosphere, joy and excitement of hillwalking outings and the values that come with it. In short a contribution to solidarity hiking.

Join hands

There are many people, children, adults and elderly who either because of a disability, illness, loneliness or for whatever reasons, have not enjoyed the feeling of contentment of being in the nature, accompanied by a well socialized dog, feeling the satisfaction of participation in a group and accompaniment. To offer this, the support of a community work group is required for each outing to assist and transport a disabled person in a specially adapted chair suitable for hill walks called Joëlette.

This activity is open to anybody who wishes to help: families, social groups, social initiatives by businesses, dog owners, volunteers, hill walking groups, etc.