Centre for Social Innovation


2The Centre for Social Innovation Anateusk, located in the rural hamlet of Idotorbe in Elgoibar, is the platform for the creation and systematic development of initiatives and entities conducting activities with scientific rigour in the socio-healthcare and education area through cooperation of animals and nature.


  • We strive for full integration, not just incidental, of training in animal-assisted therapy and education, at University and in Vocational Training. We aim for education to embrace a cultural change aimed at fostering an animal as a collaborator in socio-healthcare and learning activities.
  • We favour the creation of a scientific platform with the help of other social stakeholders which, apart from providing services to the public, serves as a first step towards setting up a Technological Socio-Healthcare Centre with the cooperation of animals and nature.
  • A partnership network will be set up with a telematics support aimed at active participation.
  • It will act as a breeding ground for micro-companies that provide services following the guidelines and methodology which with scientific rigour arise from the work carried out by Anateusk and its  partners through training, the scientific platform and the R&D & innovation programs.