Denok Programme

A program designed to ensure that people and dogs coexist in harmony in full respect for the environment.

Young Woman with DogThe mission of the Denok Programme is to bring about a socio-cultural change in the Basque Country to create social harmony between dogs, their owners and society as a whole.

This should be achieved in the not-too-distant future when as a minimum the quality of coexistence is elevated to the level currently existing in European countries with a wider social acceptance of animals. In the long run, the Basque Country should eventually become a reference country.

The Denok programme will be developed town by town and region by region with the active participation of the Town Halls, Provincial Councils and the Basque Government. A wide range of activities will be organised in all relevant institutions and areas, such as:

  • Town Councils
  • Municipal police stations
  • Schools
  • Training and socialisation of owners and dogs
  • Rural environment
  • Involvement of people who do not own a dog.
  • Information and raising awareness among the general public about the positive influence of a good, responsible and habitual coexistence with dogs for specific people and society as a whole.